Concept/choreography: Alejandra Jara

Five different women who allow themselves to let go, to be weak, to feel joy, to ask for help, to love. The struggle and weakness in between, the process of letting go.

Köln, Germany 2021


IMA deals with the personal change and emotional roller coaster that takes place in a woman when becoming a mother. The performance combines personal experiences with the experiences of other mothers.

Choreography/dance: Alejandra Jara

Köln, Germany 2019

Photo/dancer: Ritsuko Matsuoka.

District 40

Performance in Bucharest for the foundation Arcen. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you for the invitation.

Bucharest, 2019

Dame un Momento

Concept and Choreography: Alejandra Jara

Photo Credit: Luis Vera

Photo/dancer: Jorge Báez, Alejandra Jara

Asunción-Paraguay 2014

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